Bill Lutwick and crew of “True Blue” winners of the 2015 Fowl Run

Thanks to all the racers that supported our events in 2015, hope everyone had a great time. Was really nice to see young sailors on our courses this year and thanks to all the volunteers that make the after race events so enjoyable. The Yacht Club donated $212.50 to the Mahone Islands Conservation Association (MICA) after the July 1st Race and $ 225.00 raised during Bart’s Bash to Sail All. (Sail All is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to sailing for students and youth at little or no cost, using existing Learn to Sail programs in Lunenburg County and beyond.) A very special thanks to our Start Boat and Mark Boat crews!

July 1 MICA Race (17 entries)

Class A
1. PING Andreas Josenhas
2. AILEEN Ted Murphy
3. BELLA Derek Hatfield
Class B
2. CATNIP Jim Rosbe
3. DART Sydney Lange

July Series (13 entries)
1. SKIERKERT Uwe Wittkugel (Beer Trophy)
2. RONDO Keith Nelder
3. KIKU Kerstin Gilkerson

Aug 1-2 IPYC Regatta (26 entries)
IOD Series
1. SQUALL Sandy MacMillan
2. BELLA Ted Murphy
3. MIGHTY MO Rick Thompson
Sonar Series
1. SHENANIGANS Jonathan Chiasson (One Design Trophy)
2. SONAR 366 Greg Baily
3. HEARTS 3 Graham Eisenhauer
PHRF Class A
1. RUMBLEFISH Scott Covey (Top Gallant Trophy)
2. INTREPID Brad Bradbury
3. RONDO Pat Nelder
PHRF Class B
1. CLEO-CAT-RA Don Ives (Leakey Cup)
2. JE REVIENS Dayna Nelder
3. KIKU Kerstin Gilkerson
3. DART Sydney Lang
Single Handed
1. JE REVIENS Dayna Nelder (Single Handed Trophy)
2. RONDO Pat Nelder
3. SHENANIGANS Jonathan Chiasson

Martins River Regatta (37 entries)
Class A
1. RONDO Pat Nelder (Martins River Regatta Trophy)
2. AILEEN Mike Kelley
3. SKEIRKERT Uwe Wittkukel
Class B
1. FISHNCHIPS John McLennan (Martins River Regatta Trophy)
2 .KIKU Kerstin Gilkerson
3 .MAGNIFICAT Paul Halley

Dickison Award
AILEEN Mike Kelley

IOD September Series (6 entries)
1. BELLA Ted Murphy (September Series Trophy)
2. IBIS Erik Koppernaes
3. LA DIVA Stephen Bond

Barts Bash (9 entries)
1. POOHSTICKS Colin Mann
2. BELLA Ted Murphy
3. SKEIRKERT Uwe Wittkukel
Class B
1. KIKU Jonathan & Hilda
2. CATNIP Jim Rosbe
3. SELKIE Gill Firth

Fowl Run
1. TRUE BLUE Bill Lutwick (Rubber Chicken Trophy)
2. ALDEBARAN All Chaddock
3. SORCA Rick Welsford
IOD Match Race
1. AILEEN Mike Kelley
1. RONDO Ted Murphy and Dayna Nelder