Martins River Mayhem Results and ‘a glorious end for Birdie’

Martins River Mayhem Results and ‘a glorious end for Birdie’

What a wonderful day! Thanks to all who came out and to the tireless committee that made it all go so smoothly.

Birdie in all her glory prior to the start

We can take a moment to mourn the demise of Birdie, who worked so hard to keep up her end of the start line, but by 5 PM, had found the effort too much and slowly subsided into a pile of wings and neck. Thank you Birdie for all the fun.

Thanks  to our wonderful sponsor for this event: Conrad Marine Sale & Service Ltd, Wendy and Terry and the great committee of Susan, Don, Bob, Chris and Debbie!



Here are the results of the Scavenger hunt

  1. ‘Rowdy’ with Kyla Calnen and Lucas Kelley and crew
  2. ‘Grady White’ Ann and Bryan Palfreyman
  3.  ‘Montawk Whaler’ with Denis, Jennifer and Sidney.

Results of Class A Pursuit Race

  1. ‘Restless’ Ted Murphy and Dayna Nelder and crew
  2. ‘Intrigue’ Bryan Palfreyman and crew
  3. ‘Chinook’ Hilda and Jon
  4.  ‘Rondo’ Pat Nelder and crew
  5. ‘Aspen’ Brian Molloy and crew
  6. ‘Catalyst ll’ Gregg and Christine Little

Results of Class B Pursuit Race

  1. ‘Kiku’ Kerstin Gilkerson and crew
  2. ‘Skittles’ Bailey Fenton
  3. ‘Catnip’ Jim Rosbe and Linda Weiser


Winners of each class will have their names put on the Canon trophy residing at the Mug and Anchor Pub!

Restless crew